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North East Survey Design (NESD) was established on the 10th September 2007.  The company was established by Matthew Sammon and Nigel Curison and more recently joined by Nick Ritchie all with many years experience in North East Victoria.

The business currently provides services in the following areas:

 Civil Engineering



 Landscape Architecture

 Project Management

 Development Consultancy

 Development Feasibilities

These services are provided to government institutional and private clients throughout North East Victoria. The organisation currently employs a total of 10 staff with a view to grow over the coming years. Peak demand periods are currently managed utilising sub contractors as required.

Our focus is on developing attractive urban environments through various techniques including Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), focus on increased open space areas, walking and cycling paths and soft landscaping and incorporating “Best Practice Urban Design” to achieve a higher quality more profitable product for our clients.


“..To provide affordable environmentally sensitive design solutions and produce profitable market leading developments for our clients”    We recognise that the community is becoming more environmentally aware, more interested in contributing to protecting our environment and are  concerned about the future for the next generation.

Native Vegetation Retention


Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)

Rain Gardens

Best practice urban design principles including:

Environmental sensitive design

Energy efficiency

Generous road reserves

Retention / protection of native vegetation

Promotion of  recreation and a healthy lifestyle

Walking / cycle paths and connectivity

Landscaped open space


Safety and community surveillance

Large lifestyle sites


Incorporation of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) principles (bioretention basin, rain gardens, vegetated and grassed swales)